Upgrades in Diesel Technology Make RAM Cooling System Maintenance Vital

RAM built its 3500 truck to last, but getting the best performance and longevity from this vehicle depends on a little help from the owner. Following the preventative maintenance schedule for the vehicle, particularly regarding its engine cooling system, will help Indiana RAM owners get their RAM 3500s to the 150,000-mile mark and beyond.

Modern diesel engines’ cooling systems

Proper preventative maintenance can be challenging, especially in today’s technologically sophisticated automobiles. Your local RAM dealership in Indianapolis can help, providing expertly trained technicians to properly service your vehicle’s cooling system.

It’s recommended that the cooling system is checked and preventative maintenance performed twice a year or every 25,000 miles. According to Cummins, the maker of RAM’s top-end 6.7- liter turbo-diesel engine, about 40 percent of all engine problems start in the cooling system. Modern diesel engines are operating at higher temperatures than ever before, making a top-notch cooling system vital to their operation.

Today’s diesel engines have more aluminum components than previous models. Automotive engineers increased their use of aluminum because the metal is lighter, allowing them to improve fuel economy in trucks by shedding weight. Unfortunately, aluminum is more susceptible to heat stress, corrosion, and damage from vibration. To prevent costly damage to modern diesel truck engines, their cooling systems must operate at optimal levels. That requires regular and rigorous preventative maintenance.

Maintaining today’s diesel engine coolant systems isn’t just a matter of checking the coolant level and adding a mix of 50 percent coolant and 50 percent water. Today, to maintain the cooling system, technicians must be aware of a variety of different types of coolant used in modern engines. Differing vehicles now use differing coolants, and technicians must also be aware of whether standard-life coolant or extended-life coolant has been used in the vehicle. Mixing coolants can have adverse results, so getting this right is important.

Technicians performing preventative maintenance in modern diesel trucks like the 2017 RAM 3500 also need to properly inspect and replace coolant filters as needed. Modern coolant filters are designed to release supplemental coolant additives (SCAs) throughout their useful life.

When inspecting the coolant system, technicians need to test the filter to ensure that SCAs are at appropriate levels. If they’re too low, a new filter is needed. Filters should not be replaced prematurely, however, as this can result in the release of too many SCAs, which can cause damage to the cooling system.

diesel engine coolant systems

As you can see, proper cooling system maintenance of modern diesel engines is very complicated and may be best left to trained professionals.

For RAM owners in Indiana who want to ensure their investment is well-protected from heat-related engine damage, scheduling a visit to Community Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM of Martinsville is a step in the right direction. The dealership’s trained service staff can check your cooling system and perform any other preventative maintenance as needed.

Also, when it’s time to buy your next RAM truck, the dealership’s sales staff is ready to help you find the right vehicle at the right price.