Six Signs Your Dodge’s Fuel System Needs Cleaning

Keeping your Dodge’s fuel system clean ensures your Dodge continues to get optimum gas mileage and also prevents engine damage. For Indiana residents, your Bloomington Dodge dealership offers the best service for maintaining your fuel injectors.

Dodge’s Fuel System

Your Dodge’s fuel injectors deliver fuel to the vehicle’s engine at precise times and precise quantities, optimizing the engine’s performance and fuel economy. The fuel injectors disperse fuel through a series of nozzles, and just one dirty nozzle can compromise performance. However, modern Dodges’ engines have sophisticated computer equipment that allows them to compensate for small errors.

The efficiency of the engines’ computer systems means that, in many cases, a clogged fuel injection system goes unnoticed—at least in the early stages. As the problem becomes more severe, you’ll notice these problems:

  • Decreasing fuel economy – Because your fuel injection system is designed to deliver fuel in precise amounts to optimize engine performance when it becomes clogged, fuel efficiency begins to drop. If you notice that your Dodge is getting fewer miles to the gallon than before, a clogged fuel injection system may be the culprit.
  • Failing emissions tests – Fuel injection systems help to limit carbon emissions. If your vehicle fails emissions testing required by many states and municipalities, it is likely a sign of a clogged fuel injection system.
  • Loss of performance – If your vehicle’s get-up-and-go seems to have got-up-and-went, clogged fuel injectors are a likely explanation of the problem. Sufficient fuel is needed for proper combustion. If the engine isn’t getting the right amount of fuel, combustion may be diminished, resulting in a loss of power.
  • Engine stuttering and stalling – If your engine isn’t getting the mixture of air and fuel it’s designed for, it can impact engine performance, causing the engine to stutter or hesitate.
  • Rough idling – If the engine stalls or sputters while it’s idling, this is a sign that combustion isn’t happening as specified.
  • Engine misfires – When incomplete combustion occurs, engine cylinders can miss a stroke, resulting in a loud noise. When engines misfire, drivers will likely hear the noise and feel a jerk from the engine.

Dodges Fuel System Needs-Cleaning

Preventative maintenance, such as regular use of injector cleaners and additives, can help keep your vehicle running trouble-free for longer, but, eventually, you will need to have your fuel injection system serviced by professionals. Skilled mechanics can diagnose clogged injector systems and replace them with new ones, restoring your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.

When hiring a mechanic to replace your Dodge’s fuel injection system, it pays to hire a Dodge dealership mechanic. Dodge dealership service personnel are trained to work on Dodge vehicles and know many of the unique design specifications of these automobiles. When you take your vehicle to a Dodge dealership service center, you know your vehicle will be cared for by a specialist who knows your vehicle and who will use the right parts to make repairs.

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