Setting the Standard: Meet the New Chrysler Minivan

When you hear the word minivan, you probably think of a boxy, hard to steer soccer mom vehicle. It’s time to think of minivans in a whole new way. The old models are out the door, as in discontinued. This makes way for a brand new line to replace the Town and Country and Grand Caravan: the all new Chrysler Pacifica. Chrysler dealerships will have this new look at an old idea on their lots in 2017.

New Chrysler Minivan

Why Minivans Are Popular

The idea of being able to load the whole family as well as all their gear into a vehicle that had ample space and cargo room became a dream come true in the 1980s. The Dodge Caravan was introduced as a family-sized vehicle that was both a van and a car and was low enough to fit in a typical garage or carport. The goal was to fulfill mundane daily needs.

Whether you had 2 children or 4, the minivan was able to accommodate everything you needed for a day at the park or a cross-country road trip. Being smaller than an SUV made the minivan a fuel-saving option for hauling the family around. The deterrent of the boxy shape and poor cornering didn’t take away from the overall benefits for families.

Luxury in a Minivan

The Chrysler Pacifica is packed with family-friendly features and options that make getting the family where they need to go much easier and with minimal stress. We all know the hassle of hearing kids fighting over space, window seats, and being bored. The Pacifica addresses all those issues and more. Check out the entertainment, comfort, and safety features that are included in the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica:

  • 10-inch hi-def video screens for backseat passengers
  • Wireless syncing with Smartphones
  • Self-parking feature
  • Class-leading aerodynamics
  • NVH level
  • Smooth handling
  • Less road noise
  • Onboard vacuum cleaner
  • 2nd row Stow ‘n Go seating
  • Standard 7 passenger occupancy
  • 360-degree camera view
  • Lane departure warning
  • Automatic braking
  • Adaptive cruise control

When it comes to taking kids on the road, we all know that the more space they have and the more entertainment options there are, the less noise you’ll hear from the back of the van.

A Familiar Name

While the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is a brand new minivan, the name may sound familiar. There was a short-lived crossover SUV model of the Pacifica introduced a few years ago. The lack of success in sales and non-interest from consumers led to an early retirement. Don’t get confused by the recycling of the name; the new Pacifica is truly a minivan and not a crossover.

There seem to be two thoughts about minivans: YES! and NO WAY! Some people love the functionality while others feel that, if they aren’t actually soccer moms, there is no need to drive one of these vehicles. With the better handling on the new Pacifica and the streamlined shape, it’s easy to see this is no boxy minivan from yesteryear, and maybe there will be a few converts over to the YES side of the fence.

Visit Community Chrysler or any Chrysler dealership in early 2017 to take this brand new minivan for a test drive. You may find that this minivan is ideal for your family’s needs.

Minivans Are Popular