Ram Shakes Up the Pickup Wars: Ram Beats Out Chevy 3rd Month in a Row

The Ram 1500 is taking the truck market by storm and making big waves—waves that are forcing Chevy to back down from its coveted number-two spot for best-selling trucks for the last three months straight. No one has managed to touch Ford’s first place spot for an eon, but Ram could very well break that mold permanently if Dodge maintains its forward momentum.

What’s Dodge doing to shake up the scene? Find out at your local Ram dealer in Indianapolis.

Beating Out the Competition

RAM Indianapolis

The success of the Ram 1500 isn’t a result of a declining car market. While it’s true that 10 percent of buyers switched from cars to trucks in May, these customers specifically chose Rams over Chevys. The yearly total truck sales give Chevy a 5,055-unit lead, but this is due to the big advancement gained in February. They only had one-sixth of this lead the same time last year.

Sure, Chevy may have a reputation for holding second place, but it was never insurmountable. That fact shows when you consider how the Ram 1500 evolved and adapted to the competition just this year alone.

EcoDiesel Engine

Need great mileage and performance? That’s exactly why Dodge is introducing the Ram 1500’s 3-liter EcoDiesel V6 engine. This new engine makes the 1500 one of the most fuel-efficient trucks on the market, especially when compared to the Chevy Silverado.

The Ram 1500 gets an impressive 29mpg on the highway, outclassing the Silverado by nearly 7mpg. Ram owners can expect to save up to 25 percent more money on fuel than Chevy owners, thanks to this improved mileage.

The Ram’s EcoDiesel engine’s fuel efficiency doesn’t make it incapable of handling heavy-duty tasks. It rolls with 240 HP and 420 ft.-lb. of torque with a maximum tow capacity of 9,210 pounds. It provides the best of both worlds: great fuel efficiency and raw power for those tough and punishing times.

Exclusive Features

Another factor to the Ram 1500’s success is the exclusivities it provides. Dodge designed the Ram with both efficiency and comfort in mind, making it a no-brainer when comparing it to the competition.

The Ram’s storage systems are second to none; that infamous RamBox cargo management system is something that Chevy can only dream about. It’s an external storage system located on each side of the bed that’s optimized for power tools and sports equipment. The robust kit includes a lock, LED lighting, a drain, and a bed extender for those extra-large loads.

The 1500’s storage innovations extend beyond the RamBox. You can remove the floorboards to reveal extra storage compartments that don’t impede anything or anyone. Lift the rear seats up and away for even more storage space. It’s a weekender’s dream!

New Ram Truck

Another exclusive feature packed into the Ram 1500 is the rotary dial transmission shifting system. This feature frees up space that would ordinarily be used by a gear shifter, providing a new level of convenience by simply turning a knob to shift gears.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the all new Ram 1500 at your nearest Ram dealer in Indianapolis. There’s a brand-new vehicle waiting for you to come test drive it today.