How Often Does My Jeep Need Jeep Suspension Services?

The suspension components on your Jeep vehicle are incorporated into many different mechanical components and parts found on the underside (undercarriage) of your Jeep. They include all parts and components that make up the steering system, such as:

  • Tires
  • Ball Joints
  • Struts
  • Shocks
  • Springs
  • Tie Rods

In addition, the performance of other systems, like your braking system and transmission system, can be directly influenced by the suspension system.

Suspension System Maintenance Schedule

Suspension System Maintenance

Since there are so many different parts, components, and systems all vital to the correct functioning and performance of your Jeep’s suspension system, there are certain things you need to have performed at specific intervals to identify potential problems before they become serious.

  • Tires – Have the tire pressure and tread wear checked every time you change the oil.
  • Fluids – At every oil change, check and fill all fluids, including the power steering and transmission.
  • Tire Rotations – About once a year, or every 10,000 miles, get your tires rotated to ensure even wear.
  • Tire Balancing – Every time you rotate the tires, have them re-balanced. You should also get them re-balanced if you notice excessive vibrations while driving.
  • Wheel Alignments – Every year have the alignment checked on your Jeep and corrected, if needed. You should also get an alignment if the vehicle pulls while braking, requires holding the steering wheel off center, or vibrates excessively, or if the tires are wearing unevenly.
  • Shocks and Struts – Inspect the shock and struts annually to check for leaks and replace if leaking. You should also replace shocks and struts if you notice the vehicle rocks back and forth disproportionately while driving or “bottoms out” when going over small dips and bumps in the road.
  • Other Suspension Components – Have these inspected every time you get your tires rotated, balanced, or wheels aligned.

If you notice the handling of your Jeep changes suddenly, you will want to get it serviced at our Jeep dealership in Indianapolis. Changes to the suspension and handling decrease the overall safety of your Jeep. In addition, risks for accidents are increased because controlling your Jeep becomes more difficult.

Signs the Suspension Needs to Be Serviced

Jeep Suspension Services

Your Jeep will present certain “symptoms” that could indicate the suspension system needs serviced, such as:

  • The Jeep leans forward when stopping.
  • You feel every bump in the road.
  • The tires are wearing unevenly.
  • The “bounciness” of the Jeep seems more pronounced.
  • You notice fresh grease or oil on the ground near the wheels.
  • You notice oil or grease on the shocks or struts.

It is important to keep in mind since the suspension system is related to other systems on your Jeep, they also have similar “symptoms.” For instance, uneven tire wear could be related to the suspension, alignment, and/or the balance of the tires.

If you suspect there are problems with your suspension system on your Jeep, please feel free to contact Community Chrysler’s Service Department. Call us at 765-342-5000 to schedule suspension services for your Jeep today!