Minivans Are Going Electric: Chrysler Pacifica Offers a Hybrid Plug-In Option

Chrysler is making owning a minivan fun and exciting, once again. When minivans first arrived onto the showroom floors of Chrysler dealerships, they were viewed as the viable replacement to the aging station wagons. They offered the convenience of a full sized sedan while, at the same time, the storage and hauling capabilities of a pickup truck.

Fast forward to today, and, let’s face it, minivans have started to show their age. The Town and Country has been around since 1990 with several modifications and updates. Now, in its fifth and last generation as a 2016 model year, Chrysler decided it was time to retire this mainstay of their product line and replace it with the freshly updated and newly designed 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

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Rather than roll out “just another minivan,” Chrysler decided to give the Pacifica a complete overhaul while retaining popular features people have come to enjoy with the Town and Country. Chrysler smoothed out the lines on the Pacifica’s exterior to give it less of a “boxy” look, while at the same time making it look more like a crossover than a minivan.

Next, they upgraded the interior features to showcase the latest technological advances, like high-definition video screens and an updated navigation center. Other changes are new, easier fold-down rear seats and a hybrid option. The hybrid version of the Pacific is the first in its class.

The hybrid model neatly stores the battery pack out of sight underneath the rear seats. Placing the battery in this location also affects the center of gravity of the minivan, which also benefits fuel efficiencies. The only drawback is you can no longer fold down and store the seats for those times you want to haul larger items, but the tradeoff of an electric vehicle and higher fuel efficiencies is acceptable. For cargo hauling, you can remove the seats from the minivan without much difficult and set them aside in your garage or other location.

Being the first hybrid minivan also comes with expectations from consumers in regards to the range covered in between fill-ups. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) recently released its test of the Pacifica and fuel efficiency. It was rated with 33 miles of pure electric range and an 84 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent). Combined fuel efficiencies for the electric and gasoline engine provide an average total range of around 566 miles per fill-up.

Hybrid Plug-In Option

A key distinction with the Pacific hybrid is the ability to plug it into EVC recharging stations, rather than relying upon the conventional hybrid/gasoline engine design to fully recharge the battery. If you forget to plug it in, that is okay, as the Pacific will still deliver around 28 mpg (miles per gallon) using the conventional hybrid electric/gasoline engine.

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