Chrysler’s Portal Concept Proves the Auto Maker Is Serious About Tech

The Chrysler Portal drove into Las Vegas to the big consumer tech show, last week, making a statement about the car maker’s place in the future of automotive technology. The details that make the Portal stand out, besides its unusual looks, are the vehicle’s unique abilities to adapt as technology continues to evolve.

New concept Chrysler cars

The new concept car is designed with Millennials in mind—a group that car makers foresee as being the major car buyers in the near future. The Portal reflects the qualities that Millennials are known to care about, including technology, flexible space, and environmentally friendliness.

Track-mounted seats that fold up so seats can be pushed together to increase cargo space, meeting one of the criteria. The concept also includes a number of other features that meet the preferences of Millennials, which have been determined through extensive research.

The future of Chrysler cars

The style of the vehicle is unique in what Chrysler calls a “new generation of cars,” but it combines the features of an SUV/electric car/crossover/minivan that grows smarter over time. As technology gets better and becomes available, the Portal will grow.

It gets its name from the huge sliding doors that allow you to enter through a 5-foot-wide “portal” to the inside. While there is a strong possibility that the Portal will never make it to production and land at the Chrysler dealers in Indianapolis and, if it does, it won’t have the same intriguing design, its very existence shows just how serious Chrysler is about looking at technology for its cars, moving forward.

Some of the Features of the Chrysler Portal:

  • 10 docking stations
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • Facial and voice recognition
  • Level 3 autonomous driving
  • In-vehicle commerce
  • 250 miles to a single charge
  • Recharges up to 150 miles of range in under 20 minutes

If the Portal does end up in production, it will probably be available at the Chrysler dealership between 2021 and 2022. As manufacturers move toward autonomous cars and greater electric capabilities, the projection of the Portal as a real car of the future is not unrealistic.

The level of autonomy that the concept car features requires the driver to be ready to intervene whenever needed. However, the ability of the car to adapt as technology changes will allow it to grow as the technology behind vehicle autonomy continues to grow. Of course, Millennials also want to spend less on their vehicles than the price point at which many of their top choices are today. This is another area where the Portal is expected to meet the challenge.

The Chrysler Portal concept is based on the Pacifica minivan which is made at the Ontario-based Windsor Assembly plant, the “natural place” for the Portal to be manufactured, according to company CEO Marchionne.

Meanwhile, buyers of all ages will find a great selection of new and used Chrysler vehicles to meet a wide range of driving needs. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is just one of the choices you can buy to enjoy fuel-efficiency and start helping the environment right now! To learn more, call Community Chrysler at 765-342-5000.