Chrysler Vehicle Service Needs to Include Regular Brake System Inspections

Among the safety systems, which include seatbelts, airbags, backup cameras, lane departure warning, and early crash detection, the brake system in one of the most important. Your used, certified pre-owned, or new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle has been inspected to ensure the safety systems on these vehicles are working correctly by your authorized Chrysler dealership in Indianapolis: Community Chrysler.

Regular Brake System Inspections

The condition of the brake pads and rotors determines how effective the vehicle is at stopping. When pads are worn down, they are not effective in slowing down the vehicle. You may notice this especially if you are having to press the brake pedal further down to apply the brakes.

Eventually, the brakes will wear out and start to make a loud whining noise you hear when the vehicle is in motion, yet which stops when you press on the brakes. This is the brake’s warning detection sensors letting you know it is time to have your brake pads replaced. When this sound starts, there is not much usable pad left, so you should not put off getting your vehicle serviced at your local Chrysler dealer.

If you do not get your brakes serviced, the remaining pad wears off. This is evident by a metal grinding noise you hear and feel when you press on the brakes to stop. At this point, the metal rivets that used to hold the padding material in place are now grinding into the rotors creating deep grooves, which damages the braking system.

Now, when you go to get your vehicle serviced, not only will you have to replace the brake pads, but also possibly the rotor, which will cost you much more. Rotors are not cheap like brake pads, so it is better to get this type of service performed as soon as you start hearing the wear sensor squealing.

Other Signs Your Brake Systems Needs to Be Serviced

Car brake disk

There are other warning signs you should be familiar with, as these all indicate problems with the braking system that require your attention. Ignoring the problems will only cause them to worsen and reduce the overall safety of your vehicle.

  • Pulling to the left or right when you press on the brakes.
  • The brake pedal feels soft or squishy as you depress it.
  • The brake pedal is going all the way to the floor.
  • You feel vibrations/shaking in the steering wheel when you are stopping.
  • There are warning lights lit up on the dashboard.
  • You are adding brake fluid each time you stop for gas and check your fluids.

Your vehicle’s braking system consists of more than just the pads and rotors. There are other intricate parts and components which could affect the overall operation of the system if not inspected on a regular basis.

Always remember to have your brake system checked whenever you get your oil changed and perform other maintenance at the recommended intervals. To schedule a brake inspection or other service for your vehicle, please feel free use our online scheduling service or contact Community Chrysler at 765-342-5000 today!