Chrysler 300 S AWD vs. Audi A4 S-line Quattro

It’s the battle of the sedans! In many ways, the Chrysler 300 S AWD and the Audi A4 S-line Quattro are very similar cars. Both embrace a style of sedan design that it’s tempting to see as out of place in an electric-and-autonomous car world, where old designs are quickly being phased out in favor of the new and fresh.

For anyone who appreciates the four-door sedan style, both of these vehicles are sure to be a welcome site at the Audi or Community Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Martinsville dealership closest to you. Once you start breaking down the specifics, however, the differences between these two sedans really start to show. Which one is the better buy? We take a look below.

Chrysler 300 S AWD

The Chrysler 300 S AWD arrived shortly before the Audi A4 S-line Quattro, and it began to gain effusive praise from critics and onlookers as soon as it was revealed. Before even looking at the car’s construction and interior features, commenters pointed out the 300 S AWD’s Redline Red Tri-coat paint and its sporty stance.

Unlike many sedans that try to project both adventurousness and luxury but fall short of the mark, the 300 S AWK wears both of those attitudes with aplomb and without one contradicting the other.

Credit for that can go to the 300 S AWD’s larger front splitter/ air dam, its color-matched rear spoilers, and its many LED lights, which are more numerous than those found on the A4 S-line Quattro.

Chrysler 300 S AWD

Once you do get to take a look inside, the Chrysler 300 S AWD continues to impress and stand out from its competitor. Compared to the compact A4 S-line Quattro, the 300 S AWD’s rear seat is larger, making it a much more comfortable vehicle for passengers to ride in. In fact, the 300 S AWD’s backseat is big enough to almost be at home in a midsize vehicle.

Making things even more comfortable are the heated suede and leather sport seats, sure to be a welcome comfort for both long trips and short jaunts. Despite being a larger vehicle, the Chrysler 300 S AWD handles just as comfortably as the A4 S-Line Quattro, if not better. The combination of a 300-hp V-6, an eight-speed automatic, and a 120-inch wheelbase makes this sedan a surprisingly sturdy drive.

Chrysler 300 S AWD reviews

When it comes to luxury features, the two are very comparable. In particular, the 300 S AWD features keyless entry and ignition, remote starting, rear camera, dual-zone climate control, and U-connect with Android connectivity, to name a few.

Given the similarities in these areas between the two sedans, the Chrysler 300 S AWD reveals itself to be the smarter purchase; it comes with the same level of luxury features, all of which are packaged in a larger, more comfortable vehicle that has performance and handling of the same quality as its smaller competitor.

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