Battery Maintenance & Replacement Tips for Your Dodge Durango

The 2017 Dodge Durango offers drivers lots of power and technological bells and whistles, but it takes energy to run the truck and its gadgets. There are few things that can inconvenience a driver more than a dead battery—especially if you’re stuck in an area where help may be far away. Learning how to maintain and when to replace your Dodge Durango battery will help ensure you never get stuck in a deserted parking lot or the middle of nowhere.

Here are some common signs that your battery needs replacement:

  • If it takes longer than usual for your engine to crank, this is often a sign that you may need to replace your battery. If your battery is weak, your starter will have a difficult time getting sufficient power to crank your vehicle.
  • If your check engine light comes on, and there’s no other reason it should be on, it’s likely a sign that your battery power is weak.
  • If your battery fluid level is low, this is a sign that replacement is needed. Most modern car batteries have a gauge that allows you to see the fluid level in your battery. If that level is low, test your battery’s charge as soon as possible and have it replaced if needed.
  • If your battery is leaking, this is a sign that replacement may be necessary. Clean the posts and test your battery to ensure it still provides an adequate charge. If not, get a new one.
  • If your battery looks like it is swelling or bloating, you need to replace it. Excess heat has caused this deformation, which will impair your battery’s function and possibly make it a safety threat.

Maintaining Your Battery

Maintaining Your Battery

Automobile batteries have a typical lifespan of about three years. Battery life can be shortened by hard use or neglect. Follow these tips from service professionals at Dodge dealerships in Indianapolis to protect and extend vehicle battery life:

  • Garage your vehicle in the winter. Cold temperatures can diminish the life of your battery. In the winter months, be sure to park your car in a garage to reduce its exposure to the elements. Hot temperatures may also impact battery life, so try to park your vehicle in the shade during summer months if possible.
  • Regularly check and clean your posts. Corrosion around the battery’s posts can impair its function and shorten its life. Every few months, inspect your battery and clean the posts with battery post cleaners.
  • If possible, don’t make a lot of short trips. Short trips of less than 20 minutes don’t give your battery sufficient time to recharge. Over time, lots of short trips can reduce the lifespan of your battery.

Battery Maintenance & Replacement

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