Why Alignment Services Are Important for Your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & Ram

Non Smooth Dirt Roads

The alignment of your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, or other model vehicle refers to the alignment of the wheels. When you first took delivery of your new, certified pre-owned, or quality used vehicle from our Chrysler dealership in Indianapolis, it was correctly aligned based on factory specifications.

Once you drive the car off the showroom lot, there are all sorts of things that can alter the alignment, including:

  • Pot Holes
  • Bumpy, Broken, and Damaged Roads
  • Non-Smooth Dirt Roads
  • Hitting Curbs with Tires
  • Car Accidents

Each of these affects the alignment in one way or another and causes it to become slightly off from its optimal settings.

Fortunately, your vehicle does give you some early warning signs the alignment is off and needs to be corrected. Some of the more common ones include:

  • The car pulls to the left or right when pressing on the brakes. If you have to correct the steering to stop the car from moving in either direction when stopping, this is a good sign the alignment is off.
  • You notice you have to hold the steering wheel off center to get the car to drive straight. If the vehicle “drifts” to the left or right while the steering wheel is centered, this means the alignment is off.
  • The steering wheel vibrates while you are moving. If you notice unusual vibrations in the steering column or steering wheel, these indicate something is wrong with the vehicle’s alignment and/or balance. The more severe the problem, the stronger the vibrations.
  • The tires are not wearing evenly. If you notice specific areas of the tires are wearing differently, like the tread on the edges is wearing off, but not as much on the rest of the tire, this could mean one of two things. The tires are not at the right pressure or the alignment is off.

If you notice one or more of the above “symptoms,” you need to get your vehicle serviced right away. Improper alignment reduces the overall safety and performance of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment Terminology

Wheel Alignment Terminology

There are three terms your technician will use in regards to wheel alignment:

  1. Camber: This is the angle of the tire and how much it tilts to the left or right when viewed from the front.
  2. Toe: The toe is the angle of the tire when viewed from the top and how much it is angled inward (“toe in”) or outward (“toe out”).
  3. Caster: This is the angle of the tire when viewed from the side. It refers to the angle of the steering axis which affects tire balance, vehicle stability, and steering.

The technician uses a special computer system to realign your vehicle and return the camber, toe, and caster to their factory-recommended settings. Alignments should be checked annually and/or be performed if you notice any of the telltale signs mentioned above.

To schedule wheel alignment services, please feel free to contact Community Chrysler’s Service Department at 765-342-5000 today!