2017 Chrysler 300S Review

Had a chance to see the 2017 Chrysler 300S yet? If not, you’re in luck; we’re going to take a quick glance at it right here. This year’s newest and best sedan comes to you pre-loaded with luxury and functionality features to make any driver’s dreams come true. It’s cozy, comfortable, and just right for everyone, from families to retirees traveling across the country.

Let’s take a deeper look inside and see what Chrysler dealerships are really raving about when it comes to this car.

Chrysler 300S Review


At a suggested retail value of around $39,000, the new Chrysler 300S isn’t what you’d call a budget vehicle–but it was never intended to be, either. This car is ostensibly large; it takes up a lot of room on the road and gives you plenty of legroom, too. It’s one of three individual models released this year—the 300S, the 300C, and the 300C Platinum. It’s also the cheapest and most widely accessible of all three options.


Underneath the hood is where the magic happens, and that’s certainly the case for the 300S. This iteration relies upon a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine that’s directly connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The result is smooth, easy acceleration and transitions gear-to-gear. A single rotary knob controls the transmission.

The 300S’s suspension is noteworthy; this is a massive improvement upon earlier iterations that significantly reduces the amount of jostling on rough roads. While it’s not quite floating, your ride will remain smooth and free from heavy impacts on all but the most raucous dirt roads and potholes. Unfortunately, the sheer size of the vehicle’s body does hold it back from a perfect score in terms of smoothness; it comes close, but never quite achieves perfection.

Power-wise, you’re looking at a vehicle that’s capable of pumping out 300 HP at a time, with approximately 264 lb-ft of torque that drives it forward even when traction is poor. Despite its power, though, this isn’t a big, bulky off-road vehicle; it’s stylish, too.


2017 Chrysler 300S

A first glance at the 300S tells you everything you need to know about its design; it’s sleek, smooth, and uniquely beautiful. It’s streamlined just enough to allow for maximum velocity on the road but maintains a classic boxy appearance in certain areas. Molded light wells and a gorgeous, buttery, and supple leather interior is the icing on a fantastically delicious cake; it adds finesse without overpowering the inner workings of the car.

An extra-large front grate is not only functional but attractive, too, breaking up the boxy front to create visual interest for others on the road.

The Wrap-Up

This incredible new vehicle looks and acts like a BMW without the hefty price tag. For an experience that’s very close to that of a more expensive sedan, the price is right and the style is spot-on. This is a popular one with Chrysler dealerships, so expect them to sell out fast. Have questions or want to test drive the 300S? Call Community Chrysler today at (765) 342-5000.